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Jason Bishop voice actor happy

   Jason is a long-time native of California with roots in the US mid-West and Western Europe. He’s lived in all three and has had diverse exposure to cultures around the world. He’s a lifelong fan of epic fantasy and scifi, listening to audiobooks, watching movies and series, and especially narrating.


   Jason has six kids, mostly grown now, and is insanely proud of them all. Throughout their upbringing, he has shared his love for voices with them, mostly through their fondness for movies and animated films. Rare is the day when their saucy banter would not draw classic lines from the characters of Treasure Planet, Finding Nemo, Shrek, Despicable Me, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Up, Kung-Fu Panda, Home, The Princess Bride (a Bishop favorite), and more.

   In addition to voice work, Jason is an accomplished independent author of epic fantasy stories. He has co-written and published five books in an ongoing series, and is planning the release of a sixth in the near future.

   Retired from a 28-year in law enforcement, Jason now frequently enjoys grilling and smoking meats, brewing (and drinking) West Coast-style craft beers, golf, fly fishing and fly tying, and even picks up a guitar now and then. Enjoying all that Southern California has to offer with his special lady is his greatest reward now.

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