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New and Featured from The Voice Exorcist...

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Released to on May 22, 2024, Scott Colby's "DIARY of a FAIRY PRINCESS," Book 3 of his Deviant Magic series, is now available!

Click the image to preview this brilliantly snarky fantasy, and be sure to watch for more audiobooks from the Deviant Magic series soon!

A video walk-through of an elevator monitoring and communication system.

Visit Amphitech : 

Visit Peech Studios : 

A Video Introducing the "Grow" community-building platform, in Evansville, IN.

A sample from the "Heavenly Father" project, a devotional series intended to uplift and encourage Christian women.

See more of the "Heavenly Father" project at DeepVision's Facebook page, here.

Visit DeepVision

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Released to on January 11, 2024, E. A. Riviere's gripping medieval mystery, "The Plowman's Plight," is now available!

Click the image to preview this haunting historical fiction, and be sure to watch for the sequel, "A Wrathful Cup of Scorn," on later this year!

A video introduction to a new business analytics software solution.

A promotional trailer for the 'Silo' series, aired on Apple TV+ in May, 2023. 

A short sample of the audiobook narration of Metro 8: A Star is Born.
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